Our Mission Statement

Vision & Values










History and Future of PAN

When PAN started in 2011, the Matlock, support group had only 3 members, we now support 100 families throughout Derbyshire. In September 2013 we launched our first satellite group in Chesterfield.  By the end of 2014 we had support groups in Bakewell, Bolsover, Fairfield, Birdholme (Chesterfield) and Matlock and had completed 3 courses of Support for Siblings.  Growth plans for 2015 are underway for further groups and our Support group for Sibling is now a monthly group to provide continuous support.

Every member of our committee and all of our group leaders are parents of a child with an additional need.  We all give our time voluntarily.  The driving force behind all this is that we feel no parent should be lost in the maze of diagnosis.  Its hard enough coping just day to day with an additional needs child, people dont realise how hard it is just to do the grocery shopping never mind dealing with appointments, physios, speech therapists and trying to get the right support for your child at school.

Our goal for PAN is to be able to support families and provide information all in one place so they dont have to search for it themselves.  We would like PAN to provide various types of workshops for parents, sibling support, a family mentor scheme and so much more.  Who knows what the future might hold !!










Aims & Objectives

To listen to, support and empower parents and carers of children with additional needs in Derbyshire.
To promote awareness, throughout the local community, of the challenges faced by parents and carers of children with additional needs in Derbyshire.
To provide education and informative speakers for the parents and carers of children with additional needs in Derbyshire.
To provide holiday activities for the members of Parenting Additional Needs
To provide one to one support for families
To provide sibling activities and support

To become an innovative, pioneering parent led support group

recognised throughout Derbyshire for providing ongoing support,

information, training and family activities to parents and carers

of children with an additional need

Our work will be guided and informed by our commitment

to the continual provision of support, education and awareness,

of parents and carers of children with additional needs.


We are committed to equality and value diversity.


We strive for excellence through our ceaseless improvement and ongoing research.


We are dedicated to a culture of teamwork and collaboration.