Listening, its what we do best

Our motto is Listen, Support, Empower and we like to think we do all three really well!

All of our group leaders are parents of children with additional needs themselves so they really do know what you are going through. Our group leaders are trained in group facilitation to ensure that every one present gets a chance to talk at our support group meetings. We think that peer support is what works best so that’s what we do.

Supporting you

For the last 10 years we have offered support to the parents and carers of children with additional needs throughout Derbyshire and more recently, South Yorkshire. Right now all of our support is online, via Zoom chat, however as soon as government guidance allows we will be back supporting our parents face to face. Please check out our Facebook page to find out when the next online support group is.


We try our hardest to ensure that our parents and carers feel empowered when they leave our groups and always encourage them to look for the positives in having a child with additional needs rather than focusing on what is hard about their lives. We are always looking to train parents to be group leaders so we can offer support to more parents. Please contact us if this is something you would like to do.

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